More substantial than most summery confections, Old Forest Loop has the citrus punch of an orange sherbet popsicle.
— Memphis Flyer, July 2018

Paul “ Snowflake” Taylor followed the circular grooves of his 45s to their vortex, and when he emerged in the 21st century, he was surrounded by beats, guitars, and loops. And the hoops he’d trooped through include his dad’s Memphis music history – local legend Pat Taylor made ’60s rock, ’70s prog rock and ’80s pop --and his own history as Memphis's best kept secret on drums, bass, and guitar. On these six tracks, under the nom de plume New Memphis Colorways, Paul’s thoroughly in the binary programming moment, even as he channels his Steve Cropper on “Don’t Get Run Over” and his inner Bar-Kays on “Paulykneewon.” On “PT Phone Home,” he just hip-mo’-tizes. The Old Forest Loop is, like the Memphis park it’s named for, dense, alive, and unpredictable. But there’s no poison ivy and you can dance to it!    -

-Robert Gordon, Midtown Memphis, mid-2018

Robert Gordon’s books include It Came from Memphis and Respect Yourself and his films include the Emmy award-winning documentary Best Of Enemies.